How did you start making leather go
I learned how to work with leather by helping out a friend of mine when he got wholesale orders. After a few months, I started buying tools and practising the craft myself - the rest is history!
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards, debit cards and PayPal.
Do you ship overseas?
Yes, we ship worldwide. Please see delivery page for further information.
How accurate are product sizes?
As each leather skin is unique, so our product dimensions may vary slightly from the measurements on the website. However, this only occurs occasionally and by a very slight amount.
Where are your leather and fittings from?
Most of the leather I use is oak bark tanned English leather, and occasionally leather from Italy and Belgium. The fittings I use are from England and Japan. I try my very best to buy local materials, without compromising on quality.   
Is your work really hand made?
All my bespoke and heritage range products are hand cut and hand stitched, using traditional methods. I do use machinery when making my main line products.
 Is KWL a one person operation? 
Yep. Its only me, although I sometimes get a friend to help me out when it gets too crazy, and also with taking product shots. Other than that, I do everything myself - from product design, website updates and shipping to social media.