In order to produce only what is needed and dedicate time in our calendar to carefully craft each piece we will be launching two new styles for pre-order in this our Drop no.1.
Our Leather Shopper tote and Southwark belt will be available for pre-order starting Saturday 1st June at 10:00 GMT. After 1 week we will stop taking orders and begin making your new KWS piece in our studio in Wales.
Please allow 4 to 6 weeks to make and deliver your order. 



We have been wanting to make an everyday shopper in leather for some time now but we wanted to make sure we got it right. A tote bag is one of those essential pieces that once you find the right one, will be by your side everywhere you go.
With a depth of 6cm, the slim design of this bag can be deceiving but it can still fit an array of things one might need for a full day out, whether that's to work and quick groceries shopping or a trip to the museum and dinner out. The Full Grain Saddle leather in pebble grain is soft and slouchy allowing the bag to adapt and hold your belongings comfortably but still strong enough to endure daily use.
The aim was to create a versatile, multi-purpose bag that for some might be their forever bag.

We added a D-ring at the top of the bag to attach your keys (see our Bridle Hooks in Small and Medium) but otherwise kept the details minimal. (As you may have noticed from our recent newsletter, we love leather and want to let the beauty of this material speak for itself.) You can fit a; laptop to work from a coffee shop or the office, a spare jumper when the AC is too high in said office, a book or a kindle for the commute, a bottle of wine for a dinner at a friend's and much more.

We hope this is the bag to take you everywhere in life.


If you are like me and have an appreciation for a pair of classic Levi's 501 jeans, Japanese raw selvedge denim, vintage workwear trousers, and chore jackets, then you might appreciate the Southwark belt as much as I do. This is the one belt that I will always reach for on a day-to-day basis.


There are many belts out there that look very similar, but feeling the weight of this buckle in my hand, I knew this was the one. The roller top design that some also refer to as a Harness buckle, is traditionally a workwear choice of belt. Cast in the UK by a foundry that dates back to the 1800s, they also have roots in the equestrian industry and expanded to meet the needs of the fashion industry as they grew. 

With the use of solid brass buckle, copper rivet and full grain leather, we hope that the mono-materials of each component we use will make them easy to recycle in the future. However, these belts are made to last and grow with you. Something you will notice if you have your bridle belt for a while is the curving of the belt as it slowly begins to mold to your body, making the belt uniquely yours. We hope you look forward to wearing and cherish this unique quality in your own bridle belt.

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