How did you learn this stuff?

I learn how to work with leather by helping out a friend of mine when he got wholesale orders. After a few months I started buying tools and practising the rest is history.

Where are your leather and fittings from?

Most of the leather I use is tanned in England, I do sometimes use leather from Italy and Belgium. The fittings I use are from Japan and England. I try my very best to buy local without compromising quality.   

Is your work really hand made?

All my products are hand cut and hand stitched. I don't use any machinery when making. I do know how to use a sewing machine though having study tailoring for two years.  

 Is KWL a one person operation? 

Yep. Its only me, I sometimes get a friend to help me out when it gets too crazy, I take my time and work my way through web, design, email, shipping & social but I do get some help with my product shots.